A new issue of “Artibus et Historiae”, 82, 2020, has appeared


  • PIETRO C. MARANI – L’assalto a un bastione disegnato da Leonardo nel giardino di Charles d’Amboise (pp. 9–23)
  • JOSEPH F. GREGORY – Reframing an Icon: Leonardo’s Paris Virgin of the Rocks and the Economy of Salvation (pp. 25–73)
  • HANA ŠEDINOVÁ – Vis nominis, vis textus, vis imaginis. Gli esseri marini denominati in base agli animali terrestri nelle opere di Tommaso di Cantimpré e di Paulerinus (pp. 75–103)
  • JAKUB ADAMSKI – Double-Nave Friar Churches in Prussia and the Questions of Asymmetry and Irregularity in the Medieval Architecture of the Mendicant Orders (pp. 105–130)
  • THOMAS MARTIN – Filarete’s Odysseus and Iros: Its Meaning and Albertian Source (pp. 131–151)
  • ANTONI ZIEMBA – ‘Write here whatever you want’: Empty Banderols in Northern European Art of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (pp. 153–185)
  • JAMES R. JEWITT – Dosso Dossi’s Jupiter Painting Butterflies: Artistic Rivalry and Imitation in Renaissance Ferrara (pp. 187–209)
  • PETER HUMFREY – Venetian Painted Ceilings of the Renaissance and the Direction of Light (pp. 211–225)
  • EUGENE J. JOHNSON – The Villa Giulia as a Performance Space (pp. 227–247)
  • IRVING LAVIN (†) with MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN – The ‘Palestrina Pietà’: Gatherings on the History of ‘a Statue Begun by Michelangelo’ (pp. 249–265)
  • ANETA GEORGIEVSKA-SHINE – ‘A nymph, a goddess, or a fairy queen’: Van Dyck and the Poetics of Conversion in Rinaldo and Armida (pp. 267–285)
  • ARNAUD MANAS – La fresque de François Perrier de la galerie de l’hôtel de La Vrillière : une nouvelle interprétation (pp. 287–303)
  • PIERRE ROSENBERG – Défense et illustration des catalogues raisonnés : l’exemple de Poussin (pp. 305–312)

More information about the issue can be found here.