A new issue of “Artibus et Historiae”, 83, 2021, has appeared


  • MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN – Giotto – Piero della Francesca – Cavallini: Conceptual Connections (pp. 9–26)

  • PHILIPPE JUNOD – De l’éternité au temps. Note sur les Annonciations au sablier (pp. 27–52)

  • FRANK ZÖLLNER – Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, its Pictorial Tradition and its Context as a Devotional Image (pp. 53–84)
  • MAURO LUCCO – Two New Panels by Giovanni Bellini and the Discovery of a Hitherto Unknown Polyptych (pp. 85–109)
  • BEVERLY LOUISE BROWN – Who Let the Dogs Out: Jacopo Bassano, Naturalism and Prints (pp. 111–145)

  • STEFANIA MASON – Al fonte battesimale: Palma il Giovane, tra affetti di famiglia e mestiere del pittore (pp. 147–171)

  • CATHERINE R. PUGLISI – ‘Bisognare pensarvi un’anno intero’: Guido Reni’s Second Manner and ‘Bianchezza’ (pp. 173–204)

  • ALEXANDER KUSZTYK – Nicolas Poussin’s Hunt of Meleager and Atalanta and the Spanish Court of King Philip IV (pp. 205–214)

  • ANDRZEJ ROTTERMUND – An Artist’s Prestige: Bernardo Bellotto Between Dresden and Warsaw (pp. 215–254)

  • WILLIAM L. BARCHAM – The Issue of Copies: Three Drawings by Giannantonio Guardi in New York (pp. 255–275)

  • DAVID EKSERDJIAN – What’s in a Name? Emulation and the Hazards of Attribution (pp. 277–295)

  • DEBORAH HOWARD – Architectural Encounters: Ottoman-Inspired Typologies in Europe as Liminal Social Space (pp. 297–312)

  • ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR. – In Pursuit of Masterpieces: The National Gallery of Art’s Acquisitions from The Prince of Liechtenstein (pp. 313–332)

  • LIANA DE GIROLAMI CHENEY – Edward Burne-Jones’s The Legend of the Briar Rose: A poema d’arte about Mysterious Dormancy (pp. 333–360)

  • TADEUSZ J. ŻUCHOWSKI – Caspar David Friedrichs Bilder mit den so genannten Chasseurs (pp. 361–385)

More information about the issue can be found here.